Why BANG Boxing & Fitness?

Womens Boxing in Naperville | Lisle Illinois

With the plethora of new fitness fads out there and gyms opening up in almost every Naperville | Lisle strip mall from cross-fit to box-fit offering the “new trend in fitness”, we’re sure you would like to know what makes BANG Boxing & Fitness different from the next gym down the block with colorful equipment and trainers with popping veins that look like a river system on a map.

First off, BANG Boxing & Fitness was created with a very specific goal and vision set fourth far before even a gym location was sought after. We didn’t want to just be another boxing facility that trades money for sweat and calls it a day after class. We set a goal to be an interactive boxing and fitness facility in the Naperville | Lisle area that personally works with each and every student, every single boxing and fitness class for continual individual improvement, opposed to teaching boxing by demonstrating a 3 punch combination on a heavy bag a few times and hitting a timer accepting a students sweat as a lesson well received. We wanted every student to experience what its truly like to learn how to box, how to snap a jab out there with hip movement, how to slip a punch and fire back a counter, how to properly hit for maximum power all the while protecting the fragile bones in the hand with out paying the high hourly fees from $40-75 per hour to achieve these same results. We realized right off the bat our goal of being the most interactive boxing gym in the Naperville and Lisle area could not be achieved with a stable of heavy bags and a drill instructor type coach.

Boxing lessons for women in LisleSo we created our gym structure around focus mitt training and a patient, well experienced coaching staff.

If you are familiar with the sport of boxing at all, you had to have come across the term “bag fighter”. For those unfamiliar, a bag fighter are those boxers that lack finesse and movement from the rigors of hitting a stationary bag day in and day out. Despite professional level skill these fighters show the effects of a heavy bag influenced training regimen. Although an extremely small percentage of our team will ever actually try their hand at boxing competition, the satisfaction they receive from working on a specific punch or technique from days to weeks and finally accomplishing their goal and owning that specific technique is what fuels us to be the facility we set out to be.

However we didn’t want to just stop there!

Because lets face it, what is boxing to fitness goals with out a well planned diet tailored to each individual’s nutritional needs? If you’re unsure of the answer, let this simple fact soak in. 70% of desired fitness goals are achieved by diet & nutrition with only 30% coming from exercise activity. It may be a bit surprising, however we can bet a free lesson that most of the facts you are unaware of concerning nutrition and the foods you eat will truly change the way you look at the majority of foods you feed yourself and loved ones for the rest of your life. Our general manager Lea Maric is a certified nutritionist specializing in holistic health as well, providing our team with access to custom tailored detox and diet plans that are absolutely life changing. Our nutritional services in Naperville | Lisle are second to none as Lea has formulated diet plans for many amateur & professional athletes as well as aliment stricken patients.

By teaming up with Walker Athletics Complex we have taken boxing and fitness in Naperville & Lisle to an all new level by becoming a one stop shop for any fitness need required. Advanced weight equipment inside the facility is available 7 days a week, not to mention the likelihood of waiting for your favorite machine would hardly ever be an issue as it is mostly only used by professional athletes and personal trainers.  You might just be able to say we are one of the best kept secrets for fitness in Naperville | Lisle.

If you have any questions or would like to try a free class feel free to call or just stop in. Our encouraging team will make you feel right at home and comfortable, our experienced staff can accommodate any experience level and we also offer kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes for those that would like to try something more then just boxing.

Naperville | Lisle Women’s Fitness Program

Boxing for Women in NapervilleYou know you’ve always wanted to try it. It’s always been in the back of your mind as you endlessly pounded the treadmill, dragging yourself through your workouts. Those mornings you barely made it to the gym to bounce on the elliptical while flipping through a magazine, you’ve always wondered what it would take to finally get you to step foot inside a boxing gym and experience the powerful workout everyone has been raving about for some time now.

Part of it is fear; will you know how to hit correctly? What about those wraps and gloves? What if I don’t know how to kick while everyone else already looks like they know what they’re doing? Believe it- the majority of women had those same thoughts and questions until they took a chance… and never looked back. Discovering BANG Boxing & Fitness will change your outlook from the moment you walk through the doors – and by the end of your first class, you’ll feel like a new woman.

Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and any combination of striking either onto focus mitts or heavy bags provides not only a physical release but a mental one too. As you burn maximum calories, upwards of 900-1000 per hour, you’ll tone muscles between punching and kicking, with an actively engaged core through the entirety of the full-body workout.

Stress will shed along with your sweat and you’ll notice that the way you feel post-workout will drastically differ from all the times you left other gyms wondering if you could have done more. Our trainers are experienced and know when to push you to achieve those results you’ve been hoping for. Along with nutritional guidance, and support from your fellow classmates and members, you’ll soon forget about all those doubts you had that were keeping you from experiencing this unique and unbeatable workout. Take that chance, ladies! You have nothing to lose but the weight and those inhibitions.

Muay Thai Lessons in Naperville | Lisle

Muay Thai lessons in Naperille | Lisle Known as the art of 8 limbs, Muay Thai is a endurance testing workout that utilizes techniques that apply to real life defense and fighting situations. Muay Thai is commonly confused with American kickboxing which is similar however does differ in many ways. Muay Thai implements the art of using punches, kicks to legs, head and body, knee strikes, elbow strikes and throws from the clinch. Kickboxing does not allow elbows, knees, clinch, throws or kicks to the legs of an opponent. The devastating nature of Muay Thai has granted it as the chosen art for many law enforcement, body guards, military and secret service agents as it is very effective in far or close quarter combat. Muay Thai translated is “Free Boxing”.  Thai meaning “free” and Muay meaning “Boxing”, dating back to Muay Thai helping in war to free the county when it was Siam.

The intensity of our Muay Thai training in Naperville | Lisle will push each individual to their limits both physically and mentally thus creating a strong mind and body while burning countless calories. Our Muay Thai training in Naperville | Lisle is also for everyone as you can work at your own pace to your personal capabilities, increasing your intensity as your abilities improve with each class. Whether your looking for an amazing workout, a means of self defense or a fun activity Muay Thai training in Naperville | Lisle caters to all these needs while building body and mental toughness.

Bully Defense in Naperville | Lisle

Womens self defense class in Naperville | LisleThe epidemic of bullying is beyond saddening. Bullying not only hinders self esteem and confidence but also sadly ends in suicide when help has not been reached in time. Bullies effect far more then the school or work environment shared, they create horrible stress and anxiety fearing the next day ahead that needs to be endured. Bullies are cowards preying on others who are smaller or weaker to feel more powerful themselves. We at Bang Boxing and Fitness are disgusted by bullies and proactively work towards teaching ways of deterring these problematic people.

Our bully prevention classes in Naperville | Lisle teach students how to stop attacks and control the situation so the person being attacked has their safety upheld first and foremost. We take pride is making sure our bully prevention students understand and effectively can use the techniques taught unlike many martial arts programs that only work on non-resisting opponents. Contact us today for information on our Naperville | Lisle bully prevention program.

Naperville | Lisle Boxing Classes

Womens boxing in Lisle | NapervilleOur Naperville | Lisle boxing program really caters to fitness as well as overall coordination. Boxing can look easy when a trained individual hits a bag or focus mitts however you will find its a real challenge upon personally trying it out. Our boxing programs are based for the beginner and intermediate looking to learn the fundamentals of boxing, proper form, defense, offensive tactics and foot work to gracefully move as you flow your punches. We offer fitness boxing as well to condition your muscles to be able to endure the rigors of boxing training, you will soon find out that you have sore muscles that you had no idea existed. Regardless of skill, we strive to have a comfortable environment that you can relax, take your time and get the technique correct because we truly believe practice does NOT make perfect, yet perfect practice makes perfect. If your interested in our Naperville | Lisle boxing program contact us for more information.

Naperville | Lisle Fitness & Nutrition

Our fitness and nutrition program in Naperville | Lisle focuses on your individual fitness and health goals. Combining our fat burning workouts with proper diet planning is more then you will need to attain your fitness goals in no time at all. With a certified nutritionist on board, we can custom fit you with a proper diet regimen to knock out the guess work and fad diet testing. Now a days so much emphasis has been put on diet pills and the newest formula but at the and of the day, we all know good ol’ exercise and a proper diet is what it takes to have our bodies running healthy and looking great. No matter what your fitness goals are, our fitness and nutrition program in Naperville | Lisle will have your goals met and surpassed before you know it!

Naperville | Lisle nutritionist services

Naperville | Lisle Self Defense

When it comes to true self defense there isn’t a colored belt in the world that can save you unless it was achieved through sweat and blood. Its quite a shame that self defense is more of a business then an actual tool you can use in a real life situation. We here utilize no belt system or raking when it comes to your personal safety. We call that a false sense of security. At BANG Boxing & Fitness you will learn real self defense that works and works on attackers of all sizes. Our self defense program utilizes wrestling, Muay Thai, boxing, judo and street tactics to get your out of a dangerous situation quickly and safely. Most of the techniques used and taught in our Naperville | Lisle self defense program are used by professional mixed martial arts fighters. If you are interested in our self defense program in Naperville | Lisle, contact us today!