Boxing Lessons in Lisle

Boxing Lessons in Lisle Illinois! Have you been searching for REAL boxing lessons in Lisle Illinois? We have made a system that incorporates real boxing exercise and movement solely for the purpose of fitness in Lisle and individuals are rapidly discovering our fitness style and falling head over heels in love for it. So how are our boxing lessons in Lisle distinctive? Incredible inquiry in light of the fact that we want to tell everybody! Lisle Boxing Classes We have taken a genuine boxing approach and adjusted it to fit daily individuals so they can get the genuine profits of learning real boxing movement and exceptional physical preparation with qualified mentors that can keep understudies on track with wellness and sustenance objectives. We immovably trust in really giving direct guidance in our boxing lessons in Lisle, so no, you won’t see a rack of bags hanging for individuals to come […]

Boxing gym in Lisle

Boot camp sytle classes in Naperville

Naperville Boot Camp Program

Boot Camp Program Are you looking for a Naperville boot camp program to make staying in shape fun? Maybe you aren’t interested in full out boxing lessons and are tired of doing countless miles on a tread mill to literally end end right where you started. Maybe just a little more bored and sweaty.   Your fitness program doesn’t have to be boring, you don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to be at it for a tedious hour daily to start seeing noticeable results. Most quit before results are seen with this method out of sheer boredom. Hence the reason so many are in the gym daily January 1st, start going 3 times a week mid month and come February allow themselves to accept the excuse they are just too busy now to keep up.  As with everything, quality always supersedes quantity. We can tell you with absolute […]

Boxing Lessons in Naperville Illinois!

REAL Boxing Lessons in Naperville Illinois! Have you been looking for REAL boxing lessons in Naperville Illinois? We have created a fitness idea so unique to boxing gyms in Naperville that people are quickly catching on to our training style and falling in love with it. So how are we different? Great question because we’re dying to tell everyone! We have taken a real fighter training approach and adapted it to fit everyday people so they can receive the real benefits of learning actual boxing technique and intense physical training with qualified trainers that can keep students on track with fitness and nutrition goals. We firmly believe in actually giving instruction in our boxing lessons in Naperville, so no, you will NOT see a bunch of bags hanging for people to come in and punch away for an hour. With actual one on one attention the technique you learn will […]

Naperville Boxing Classes

Kickboxing in Naperville

Kickboxing in Naperville

BANG Kickboxing in Naperville Whether you’re a seasoned athlete and gym-goer or just starting to dabble with fitness, adding kickboxing to your life can be one of the best decisions you’ll make in regards to your health. A typical kickboxing class at BANG will start out with a warm-up to get your blood pumping which is followed by skill work. Don’t worry if you’re just getting started. BANG’s trainers are able to conduct a class with various levels of skill and will provide individual instruction among participants. The goal at BANG is to create a kickboxing program in Naperville unlike any other. Learn REAL Kickboxing Techniques Our trainers stress the importance of proper form while training the art of kickboxing. You will never find yourself mindlessly hammering away at a heavy bag because BANG is committed to making sure that you’re getting the maximum benefits of training without any injury. […]

Grand Opening Seminar

Starting off with a BANG!   We VERY proudly present champion Muay Thai fighter and world class striking coach Said Hatim to start off BANG Boxing & Fitness with a 2 hour FREE seminar! Said Hatim has trained many champions that have fought in the largest organizations around the world including the UFC, Strikeforce and World Series of Fighting. He also holds the rank of purple belt under Rickson Gracie black belt Dino Costeas which has led him to win numerous medals in various grappling tournaments at expert level, even taking on men outweighing him by 200+ pounds in the absolute division. Said is a very passionate instructor, his love for teaching is felt during training and his knowledge is seemingly infinite. He has done a multitude of seminars for fighters as well as charity seminars to raise money for children’s hospitals and cancer patients. This is definitely an event […]

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Women's boxing in Lisle

Women’s Boxing in Lisle

Women’s Boxing in Lisle As the newest gym to the area, BANG Boxing and Fitness comes with a twist. We are unlike your average boxing fitness gym that will slap gloves on you and run you through a series of movements that you will never quite know yet made you work up a sweat. Our women’s boxing in Lisle is the all in one package. We train all of our students to properly punch and move as if they were competing, then get to the calorie burning workouts that in turn are more effective because the technique taught and honed. Another twist is our focus on women’s boxing programs. Most gyms will throw co-ed boxing lessons together, and these will work well. However these boxing lessons do not work well for those that are intimidated to make that first step into the gym. Most women already fell uncomfortable stepping foot […]

Eat & Train the BANG Way

Taking a close look at your eating habits and food choices is the first step to getting the results you want from all of your hard work at the gym. No matter how hard you push yourself, eating the wrong things at the wrong times will undo most of that effort and hinder your progress. BANG recognizes that so many gyms give you the necessary tools for success, like classes, weights and machines, but seeking nutritional guidance is something you’re often left to find out about on your own- and that can sometimes be incredibly daunting. The old adage, “abs are made in the kitchen”, suggests that nutrition is responsible for 70% of results, leaving your workout routine to do the remaining 30%. That doesn’t mean you need to diet more and workout less, however. What it really means is that you have to use food correctly in order to fuel those […]

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