New Class Added – Introduction to MMA

We have listened to your requests! BANG is happy to announce that we will be adding an Introduction to MMA Class that will focus on all aspects of MMA. The class will take place every Saturday at noon. If you have little or no MMA experience and would like to learn from professional mixed martial artists, come on in! We will cover many skills including standing striking, ground striking, grappling and submissions, clinchwork, and everything in between. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

intro to mma

muay thai in naperville

Grand Opening Seminar

Starting off with a BANG!   We VERY proudly present champion Muay Thai fighter and world class striking coach Said Hatim to start off BANG Boxing & Fitness with a 2 hour FREE seminar! Said Hatim has trained many champions that have fought in the largest organizations around the world including the UFC, Strikeforce and World Series of Fighting. He also holds the rank of purple belt under Rickson Gracie black belt Dino Costeas which has led him to win numerous medals in various grappling tournaments at expert level, even taking on men outweighing him by 200+ pounds in the […]