Bang Boxing and Fitness

Bang Boxing and Fitness is not your typical boxing gym. We hold an array of classes from kids sports performance and kickboxing boot camp to fighter training and martial arts.

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Youth Sports Performance Training

We offer classes focusing on sport specific athletic performance targeting leg, core and overall body strength, balance, coordination, quick feet, explosive power, agility. All of which are proven to be effective in athletic competition.

Self Defense

We often host many free seminars to the community ranging from athlete seminars and nutrition to self defense. We feel these are necessary skills for building a healthy life and overall sense of well being.

Kickboxing Bootcamp

If you are not looking to get hit but would like to get fit, our kickboxing boot camp is a perfect fit. We incorporate many kickboxing moves along with core strength and calorie burning exercises.

Technical Combat Sports Training

Whether you are looking at competing in a local grappling tournament or even looking to compete in combat sports we have all of your training needs covered. With Bang being a training location for many local amateur and pro fighters, we cover lots of high level striking and grappling along with sparring.

From The Blog

Great place to break a sweat. All the bells and whistles as far as MMA training is concerned, in a smaller gym with plenty of one on one instruction. A great place to train for the newbie, and a great way to work out for those tired of the old school gym experience.- Alex B.
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